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1. Introduction.

Indonesia is the only country which has various kinds of culture from Sabang until Merauke. It has many regions with each cultures they have. There are songs, languages, traditional dances, customs, stories or folktales, etc. The diversity Indonesia has are our treasures that very expensive. And we, as the next generation of our nation, Indonesia, have a big responsibility to keep the treasures.
One of the treasures of our Nation culture that is almost forgotten by Indonesian is story or folktale. As we see in the real life, most of the people especially the kids, are more familiar with western stories such as Cinderella, Goldilocks, Little Red Reading Hood, etc, than our local stories such as Jaka Tingkir, Bawang Merah Bawang Putih, Baru Klinting, Timun Emas, etc. Even, they don’t know about Indonesian Folktales and the western stories. It is very Ironic, isn’t it?
There is a point that is not less important that you have to know. That is the Folktales or stories that our nation has, have very deep moral values that have been tried to be taught and planted in the soul of Indonesian children as the process of building the characters of Indonesian children. And as we know, most of children in this world like Stories. So, a story is one of the good way to support the Process of Character building of the children.

And, in the end of this semester, you must perform retelling an Indonesian story you’ve chosen in front of the class. So, you must be ready to be a good Story Retelling Performer!!!

2. Task.

You are a famous story retelling performer in your city. You have got an invitation from an international elementary school to perform a story. And, you plan to perform a local story as your effort to perpetuate your nation’s culture. You must give the best performance in that occasion because the vice of Indonesian Education Minister will attend that occasion. So, what you have to do are:
· Find the best local story according to your opinion that you feel you can perform it best than the other stories.
· Write down/ type down your story script.
· Then, perform it on the stage (class) in front of the audience (your friends) expressively.
· You are also demanded to tell the historical background and the moral values of the story.
· Your performance will not less than 5 minutes and not more than 10 minutes.

3. Process.

· You will work individually to deliver or perform your story.
· Actually, I will draw the story for each of you. Find the story for you at : my blog:

There are 20 stories that may be they are not familiar and popular enough and you have to browse them through the internet to find their complete forms and their historical backgrounds.

. Make an account at : //, because all of the stories are from this site.

. Visit the sites below to gain your knowledge about your task.
· Decide the properties that you will use in your performance. Remember, you have to make sure that your accessories, costume, and properties will not decrease the quality of your performance.
· Rehearse well! Because you have to explore all of your expressions in your performance and make sure that the listeners can hear and understand your voice well.
Visit these sites below:
Main Source :

Literature Review: Story Retelling:



Art of Storytelling
In Pursuit of the Realm of the Oral Tradition of Storytelling
What is Storytelling? by C. Larkin

4. Evaluation.

Total Score 45

Criteria and Maximum Score

Grammar and structure 10
Using the correct and appropriate grammar rules in the writing.

Interactive 10
The messages in the script delivered well and easy to understand.

Accuracy 15
Correct information based on the web address given.

Performance. Total Score: 65

Criteria and Maximum Score

Fluency 15
Delivering the story smoothly, very few obstacles.

Pronunciation 15
Using the correct and appropriate pronunciation with good intonation and stress.

Performance 20
Expressively in delivering or performing the story. (body language, suitability of the properties used, costume)

Properties 15
Accessories and properties used are match with the story.

5. Conclusion.

Great Job!
Now, you have become a famous story retelling performer.
And then, you can explore your ability by learning and performing the other stories.

6. Acknowledgement.
thanks to:
Literature Review: Story Retelling: retelling in my class : INDONESIAN FOLKTALE:
Art of Storytelling Here you can find help in learning how to tell stories. The site includes hints on techniques, contacts with online story resources and websites, storytellers, and associations devoted to the Art of Telling. Related Websites: 2) In Pursuit of the Realm of the Oral Tradition of Storytelling 3) What is Storytelling? by C. Larkin 4) What Storytelling Is. An Attempt at Defining the Art Form Aaron Shepard's Storytelling Page Author Aaron Shepard shares some tales and tips on how to tell a story. Handbook for Storytellers from Internet School Library Media Center This handbook on storytelling offers hints to anyone who is interested in telling stories. You'll have to learn for yourself what works for you and develop your own storytelling style. Related Website: 2) Perceiving The Foundation of Storytelling by B.Johnson
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